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{Handmade origami} VANACH DIY 27 color solid color origami paper strip material handmade paper craft handmade

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27 color origami ZZGY-CSZX
Brand: Gupman|Style: Simple and Modern|Item Number: 0H1DJ_1639431769597

Note size: about width 1cm* length 24cm
The product is taken in kind, which may be slightly different from the color displayed on your computer and mobile phone. thanks

Reminder: This origami is too thin, so it is not easy to fold for beginners and those who are not used to thin stars and stripes. The other part of the dark origami may have a slight discoloration, but it has no effect on the color of the stars when folded, that is, you need to wash your hands after folding. Parents, pay attention! The product is rich in color and looks very beautiful~

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{Handmade Paper Crafts} VANACH DIY 27 Colors Solid Color Folding Stars Paper Material Handmade Paper Crafts Handmade