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{tool accessories} VAACH DIY cross stitch water soluble refill special tool 50 pcs 8 color mixed hair package shipping

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Tool accessories for cross stitch water soluble refill
Water soluble pen OTA-SRB

Buyer must read:
There are 2 kinds of pen tips, 0.7 thick tip 8 colors (silver, green, red, blue, rose red, yellow, black, purple), 0.5 thin tip 5 colors (red, blue, green, purple, rose red), 0.7 For picture grid, 0.5 is for dot grid, the default thickness is half hair, thick head (8 colors) 25, thin head (5 colors) 25, if you need all thick head 0.7 or thin head 0.5, please leave a message, no message thickness Half hair, buy according to your needs!

The set includes: 50 refills (half thickness) 2 special pen barrels + scissors + needle bottle + 10 silver tail embroidery needles + needle inserts + threader, grab it and earn it!

Reminder: Silver is only used for dark base fabrics. For white base fabrics, please use a light-colored, water-soluble pen cleaning method. It will disappear after soaking in warm water for about 20 minutes. Silver can be washed with some detergent!

1 part - 50 water-soluble refills + 2 empty barrels

Delivery: Delivery within 24~48 hours after placing the order (free shipping)
Logistics: 7-10 working days for delivery (please place an order carefully if you mind) For other details, please ask customer service!