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Diamond painting {consignment} festive wedding festive holiday pure handmade has been pasted frameless

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full drill

#diamond painting#festive festival#finished product
Festive wedding ZSHCP-XQHL
This product has been pasted and completed, which is convenient for congratulations and gifts. You need to find a nearby frame shop to frame by yourself. If you need VANACH to frame for you, please contact customer service for consultation. grateful!

Size: full drill and full paste
Festive wedding 60*60cm
Happy Knot 40*40cm Framed
Chinese wedding 40*40cm
Godsend Good Fate 40*40cm
happy couple

Delivery: Delivery within 24~48 hours after placing the order (free shipping/package tools and materials), ** local delivery of finished products
Logistics: Delivery 5~7 working days, welcome to contact customer service for details!

{Diamond painting finished product} festive wedding festive festival pure handmade has been pasted frameless

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