VANACH holds the "Environmental Handicraft Competition Winning Grand Prize" activity!!!!

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#Environmental Handcraft Competition to win big prizes🎁🎁

Don’t throw garbage every day~😂😂
Do you know? Your little actions can create miracles to protect the earth😘

As long as you are creative, the humble garbage can be transformed into a unique limited edition😍
Whether it's old clothes, PET bottles, soda cans, waste paper, etc., as long as you open your mind, you can give them a new life.

Hurry up and find the bottles and jars you don't want at home, and then use your creativity to create your limited edition.
Then submit your work together with the entry form to have a chance to win a total of RM1500 worth of handmade products😍
👉Your heart is worse than action, do it now😘

✍️ #Participation method Friends who are interested in participating, please fill in the entry form and submit the photo of the work, and then like the homepage of Vanach, and come to Vanach customer service ( to leave a message: the form has been submitted, and the customer service will confirm to notify you Can start canvassing votes as of 15/5! The one with the highest number of likes will win!
Entry form link👇👇👇

#Voting mode👀
Please like Vanach's homepage first, and then vote for your favorite work😘
#Deadline for entry form: 12/5/2021
#Voting date: 15/5/2021-20/5/2021

*Vanach reserves the final rights to all regulations. Once a work is entered, it means that we agree to our future use.
*There is only one entry per person

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