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Diamond Painting {Consignment} [Non-full] Sprinkling Avalokitesvara Portrait Framed Hand Finished

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Sprinkling Guanyin ZSHDM-SSGY WSB
One of the thirty-three Guanyin. Also known as "Sprinkling Avalokitesvara", holding a willow branch in the right hand or making a picture, holding a sprinkler in the left hand, for the water spraying phase; or holding a bottle in the right hand to shed water. He holds a bowl in his left hand, and a standing image of willow branches in his right hand, expressing the literal meaning of "if it is drifted by the big water, call it a name, and you will get a shallow place".

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Item No.: Dripping Guanyin ZSHDM-DSGY
Size: Finished product -85.5*50cm(4.75ft²)~not full of diamonds

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Logistics: Delivery within 7-10 working days

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Diamond Painting {Consignment} [Non-full] Sprinkling Avalokitesvara Character Portrait Framed Hand Finished