【VANACH活动】(上) : 创意灯笼制作比赛,一起防疫过中秋(目的&介绍评审员)

【VANACH Activity】(Part 1) : Creative Lantern Making Competition, Let’s Prevent Epidemic and Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival (Purpose & Introduce Judges)

Launched on July 1, 2021 - Creative Lantern Making Competition

The coming Mid-Autumn Festival, the organizer of #Vanach Fannaki Handicraft Workshop will be holding the [#CreativeLantern Making Contest, together to prevent the Mid-Autumn Festival] from today, and use the theme of [#epidemic prevention] with the family to make lanterns with creativity, Stand a chance to win a grand prize worth RM5000! 😄😜

Click to learn about the qualifications and methods~
🔗 bit.ly/2021SEP-Competition
Entering the competition is super easy! 😘

The purpose of the activity 😘 In order to promote family parent-child relationship 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦, lead children to do handicrafts, which not only relieves emotions, but also heals body and mind.

🕵️‍♂️: Why hold a creative lantern making competition❓

1️⃣Promote family parent-child relationship and let everyone know that MCO can still drive a family to do handicraft at home. Spend a special and unforgettable Mid-Autumn Festival.

2️⃣Schools are closed, are children naughty at home every day? Or play crazy games? Now there is an opportunity for parents to lead their children to do handicrafts, so that the children can calm down and parents will no longer have a headache.

3️⃣ During the epidemic period, you cannot go out and cannot carry out outdoor activities. The whole family can still be encouraged to participate together to make the Mid-Autumn Festival in 2021 more atmosphere.

Registration Date: July 1st, 2021

Registration deadline: September 3, 2021

Judges and organizers will be on September 4th to 6th

20 contestants with excellent works will be screened for the final canvassing session.

Public canvassing time: September 7 to September 18

Result announcement: September 21, 2021

Venue: (Facebook page) Vanach Handmade Workshop

💢Introduction to the judges 💢Vanach founder😍 (Lisa Siew)

Lisa Siew and Khim Kejian co-founded the Vanach workshop. Since Khim is an online marketing strategy trainer, after years of constant exploration and field operations in the Internet interactive environment, in 2019, due to his personal enthusiasm and love for handmade products, he officially launched a new online marketing Handmade fields and markets. When the Vanach workshop was founded, it happened to encounter the global outbreak of new crown pneumonia. Therefore, in difficult times, with the encouragement and full support of Lisa Siew, we will persist through this MCO period until today.

Vanach is committed to "fighting the epidemic; making handicrafts at home from the epidemic", jointly opening up a handicraft market for online collaboration, mainly gathering handicraft enthusiasts from all over the world to share, communicate, produce, sell and other businesses.

💢Introduction to the judges💢😍The team of Rongkexuan founder Chen Junguang, the founder of My Boss Design (Patric Chang)

The team of Rongkexuan founder Chen Junguang, the founder of My Boss Design, is a combination of avant-garde thinking and love of fashion and culture and art. The team is good at combining culture, art and fashion with bold and innovative concepts. Among them, the customized clothes "Teppanyaki clothes" and "cultural shirts" are the most popular. The origin of "teppanyaki clothing" comes from the accent of "teppanyaki fish", hence the name. Customers can choose their favorite patterns to print on their favorite color clothes. "Cultural shirt" is a fusion of culture, art and fashion. In Rongkexuan, we can print the art of painting or calligraphy on clothes and cups to make a commemorative collection.

💢Introduction to the judges 💢😍The founder of Warm Heart Learning Centre (Mr. Sim)

Homegrown clay artist and founder of Warm Heart Learning Centre. Born in the simple style of Pahang, and the small town of Liantu. After graduating from university, I came across clay art while traveling in Taiwan one day in 2008, and I fell in love with this hand-made art, which was not yet popular in my country at that time. At that time, she was still a freshman in the society. In addition to her daytime administrative assistant work, she would take time to study in different art workshops at night and on weekends. To subsidize her tuition, she started a part-time job teaching clay at home in the neighborhood.

As the number of students grew, she resigned from her original job in 2014 and started an entrepreneurial journey of clay and art with her partner. Over the years she has worked hard to take various art-related courses to incorporate into her clay creations. During the start-up period, he cooperated with various large institutions in my country and organized various clay exhibitions, competitions and large-scale activities related to the promotion of clay art for students and teachers.

In 2018, she opened her own clay and painting center in Cyberjaya, Dpulze Shopping Mall. In addition to accumulating thousands of students, she also won the general agent right of a well-known Taiwanese clay brand in Malaysia in 2019. Today, when the epidemic is raging, she is still persevering in her studies, developing online teaching and selling teaching materials. #Effort and perseverance have become her motto to overcome all kinds of difficulties.

Prize Sponsor:
MY BOSS Design
Warm Heart Learning Centre Malaysia

Vanach Handmade Workshop

Vanach Customer Service: m.me/vanachdiy

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