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{Wooden puzzle has been completed}VANACH DIY-Qingming Shanghe map 1000pcs finished product area beautiful scenery has been done

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The finished wooden puzzle has been completed
Qingming Shanghe Tu HMMPT-QMSHT (YJL)

Brand: Jincaruo| Model: Adult/Child| Puzzle Applicable Age: ≥14 Years Old| Material: Wood| Pattern: Landscape| Origin: China| Applicable Gender: Unisex| Toy Type: Wooden Toys|

The Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival is one of the top ten famous paintings in China. It is a genre painting of the Northern Song Dynasty. It is the only surviving fine work of the painter Zhang Zeduan of the Northern Song Dynasty. It is a national treasure-level cultural relic and is now in the Palace Museum in Beijing. Qingming Shanghe Tu is 24.8 cm wide and 528.7 cm long, with color on silk. In the form of a long scroll, the work adopts the scatter perspective composition method to vividly record the urban appearance of Tokyo (also known as Bianjing, now Kaifeng, Henan), the capital of the Northern Song Dynasty in China in the 12th century, and the living conditions of people from all walks of life at that time. It was the capital of the Northern Song Dynasty. The witness of the prosperity of Beijing in that year is also a portrayal of the urban economic situation in the Northern Song Dynasty.

1000pc-75*50cm (4.16ft²)

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