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{Paper quilling painting} VANACH DIY-Oya chrysanthemum material package plant flower decoration painting do-it-yourself

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Paper quilling with tutorial material kit

Brand: West Window Smoke and Rain | Size: 21*29.7cm| Optional: Bottom Plate + Note + Tool | Frame Note: 1cm Wide Dandy Paper | Time: Within 8 Hours (For Reference Only) | Finished Product: None

Size: (A4)21*29.7cm / (A3)29.7*42cm
A4 Ono chrysanthemum (material pack + tool 10)
A4 Ono chrysanthemum (material bag + tool 10 + frame)
A4 flower (material package + tool 6)
A4 flower (material package + tool 6 + frame)
A4 Lavender (Material Pack + Tool 6)
A4 Lavender (Material Pack + Tool 6 + Box)
A4 Country (Material Pack + Tool 8)
A4 Country (Material Pack + Tool 8 + Box)
A4 orange flower (material package + tool 10)
A4 orange flower (material package + tool 10 + frame)

Pattern: A4 small wild chrysanthemum, A4 flower, A4 lavender, A4 country, A4 orange flower

Delivery: Delivery within 24~48 hours after placing the order (free shipping/package tools and materials)
Logistics: Delivery 7~10 working days, welcome to contact customer service for details!

{Paper quilling painting} VANACH DIY-Plant flower series quilling paper Ono chrysanthemum handmade DIY gift quilling paper painting material package student children's preschool training set decorative mural creative free shipping


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