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{Diamond Painting Consignment} VANACH DIY Dolphin Lover Animal Pattern Frameless Finished Finished

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Selling on behalf of the new looking for a new owner #animal pattern
Dolphin Lover ZSHDM-HTLR (ZAS)

A person's efforts are lonely, let's work together, okay? If you want to work hard to look forward, I will work hard to help you open the way in front of you. If you want to work hard to forget him, then I will work hard to reach your heart. When you need to rely on me, I will work hard to make you rely on me. , when you don't need me, I will try my best to accompany you forward~~

Fabric: Other | Pattern: Cartoon | Style: Simple and Modern | Origin: China |

Full diamond 30*40cm (1.33ft²) *1 piece

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