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{Digital Oil Painting Customization} VANACH DIY digital oil painting private custom material package with inner frame and do-it-yourself painting

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Digital oil painting custom SYH-SRDZ05
Oil painting (an oil painting; a painting in oils) is a kind of painting made on canvas linen, cardboard or wooden board by blending pigments with fast-drying vegetable oils (linseed oil, poppy oil, walnut oil, etc.). The thinners used in painting are volatile turpentine and dry linseed oil. The pigment attached to the picture has a strong hardness, and when the picture is dry, it can maintain its luster for a long time. Relying on the hiding power and transparency of the pigment, the object can be fully expressed, with rich colors and strong three-dimensional texture. Oil painting is one of the main types of Western painting.

Digital oil painting: stretch the inner frame + plenty of paint + brush

Color selection: within 26 colors of classic / HD-36-42 colors / 3D realistic-42-50 colors

Size options :
30*40 solid wood inner frame~ 30*50/40*40 solid wood inner frame~ 40*50 solid wood inner frame~ 40*55 solid wood inner frame~ 50*50/40*60 solid wood inner frame~ 45*60 solid wood inner frame~ 40*70/50*60 Solid wood frame~ 60*60/50*70 Solid wood frame~ 50*75 Solid wood frame~ 50*80 Solid wood frame~ 70*70/60*80 Solid wood frame~ 60*90 +Combo box~ 70*100/60*120+Combo box~ 80*120/90*120+Combo box~ 80*160 without frame


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