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❦❦One-stop platform for all kinds of characteristic handicraft materials

Gathering handicraft lovers from all over the world. Encourage artisans to buy other handmade products from each other. Bring more valuable handicrafts to the international market. We are committed to sharing and exchanging information about craft.

VANACH Fanaqi hand workshop was founded in 2019 and is operated by VANACH GLOBAL ART SDN BHD. The LOGO adopts the head portrait of a pink girl to symbolize young women who love handicrafts.

VANACH hand workshop negotiates with material manufacturing. A one-stop platform that collects all kinds of handicraft materials and sells all kinds of handicrafts. Products here include cross-stitch, diamond painting, wooden puzzle, digital oil painting, assembly model, wool weaving, knitted embroidery, paper craft, soft clay, cloisonne (cloisonné enamel) and so on.

Business covers: production, retail, wholesale, transportation, consignment, OEM, etc. Gather the major countries in Southeast Asia: Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia... and other national markets to provide services for the market masses who are interested in handicrafts.

In addition to selling and displaying handicrafts, it also provides information about various handicrafts. By cooperating with local craftsmen and brands, we will also hold promotions and events on the Facebook page from time to time to promote various handicrafts.

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Does your product price include shipping?
Shipping in Southeast Asian countries is free of charge (free shipping), and countries outside Southeast Asia, such as Europe and the United States, require additional shipping.

How long does it take for the logistics to be delivered?
Orders placed on the same day will be shipped the next day, and logistics delivery will be delivered within 7-10 working days.

How to return an item?
If the product is missing, lost or damaged, we are responsible for reissuing the relevant product and accessories, and the buyer does not need to return the received product.

What is your return policy?
In order to protect all customers and ensure that all returns and exchanges are handled fairly, Vanach Global Art may require a receipt or refuse your return or exchange under certain circumstances, such as:

  • Products not purchased directly from the [Vanach store] - e.g. from a thrift store
  • defaced product
  • Products with missing labels
  • Products without a receipt or store ID
  • Products that have not been cleaned
  • Man-made lost or damaged products that render them unusable

How to track my order?
After you successfully order, we usually process your order and ship it for you within 24 hours. After the order is shipped, you will receive a logistics text message or email notification from Vanach Global Art , which contains your logistics tracking number. You can log in to our logistics official website to check the logistics progress.

If you have not received the SMS or Email notification, please contact our online customer service m.me/vanachdiy and provide your order number, we will try our best to serve you.

How can I contact your courier?
Contact our online customer service staff at m.me/vanachdiy and provide your tracking number. We will contact the courier for you as soon as possible.

What shipping methods do you have?
After placing an order at the Vanach Global Art store, you will need to select a shipping method during checkout. The method you choose will affect how long it takes for the items in your order to arrive. The shipping options available to you vary by country.