Earn Super V Points

1. How can I get Super V points?

There are many ways to earn V points, you can purchase any products through our website. Every dollar you spend can be instantly exchanged for V Points. In addition, more extra V points can also be obtained according to the methods listed in the above chart.

2. When will Super V points be credited to my Vanach membership account?

V Points will be issued according to the rules of the website points. The system will record the points in your Vanach personal account immediately after you complete any task. Check your >>> Personal V Points <<<

3. Can I earn Super V points by purchasing products before joining as a Super V member?

No. You are not eligible to earn Super V points until you register as a Super V point. When browsing our website, please remember to log in to your Super V membership account first to earn points.

4. Can products redeemed with Super V points earn Super V points?

No. Products redeemed with Super V points are not eligible to earn Super V points, nor will they be considered eligible points when reviewing membership status in the system.

5. How to claim the missing Super V points?

If you want to claim the missing Super V points, you need to leave a message "Claim for missing Super V points" through the customer service support channel (Whatsapp button) of our website, and the customer service will review and process your appeal as soon as possible.