【VANACH Information】What are the taboos of changing the date of marriage? !

The wedding date has been chosen by thousands, so if it is not a last resort, I believe that no one should change the wedding date casually, because the guests have already been notified, so it is not easy to change the date. However, there are taboos in changing the date of marriage, you should pay attention!

Since ancient times, we in China have paid great attention to the choice of the wedding date. If the wedding date is changed , it is estimated that the next good day will take a long time, and it is even more unfavorable for the wedding to be held. This will be very time-consuming and labor-intensive, so everyone try to Don't change the day casually.


Things to keep in mind when getting married

First, the method of choosing a date for marriage

The principle of choosing a date for marriage is that the date of birth of the bride is the main one, and the date of birth of the man and others is also referred to. Therefore, if this principle is reversed or ignored, it will lead to problems in the marriage after marriage, or even divorce; otherwise, it will be auspicious.

Second, do not choose parents' birthdays

In traditional customs, parents' birthdays should not be the same as the auspicious dates for marriage. In fact, it just means that parents' birthdays are not suitable for marriage, but it is absolutely suitable to marry within that month.


Third, choose the real wedding day

If you decide to separate the registration from the date of the wedding ceremony, it is best to do so on alternate days. If there is a choice, it should be held on the auspicious day on the day of the traditional ceremony of welcoming the bride and setting wine, because Chinese tradition has always regarded this day as the real wedding day.

Fourth, auspicious days and auspicious days

Some people believe that there should be a stricter method of calculating good times and auspicious times, that is, the most auspicious wedding date is calculated from the birth date and time of both men and women. However, this approach is quite cumbersome, and more people would rather go to the almanac to choose the date, or listen to the suggestions of those who study Zhouyi.


Fifth, the definition of a good day

In any case, the definition of "good day" is always different, no matter what day you choose, try to choose those days that everyone is satisfied with is the best choice.


Sixth, it is necessary to consider the actual situation of both families

When choosing "auspicious days", it is necessary to take into account that the elderly and relatives and friends of both parties have time to participate, and can witness the festive and harmonious scenes.

Seventh, avoid three seven nine

It is best to avoid the three auspicious days in March, July and September of the lunar calendar, because these three months coincide with "Qingming", "Yu Lan" and "Chong Gong", which are traditional "ghost festivals" and should not be held. happy event. In the "Mid-Autumn Festival" month with a rounded beginning of the month, that is, the eighth month of the lunar calendar is the most suitable month for weddings.


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