[VANACH Knowledge] After so many years of cross stitching, I didn't even know it could be done like this! (Down)

The use of cross stitch is mostly used in flat decorative paintings, large hanging paintings or pillows, and three-dimensional ones can be embroidered into small objects such as tissue boxes. Here, I want to introduce interesting cross stitch ideas to you, which will make you fall in love with its fun~

cross stitch painting DIY VS  Home Cross Stitch DIY VS Cross Stitch Partition Decoration DIY

cross stitch painting DIY

Decorative paintings do not need to be too complicated, the kind that takes several months to complete at every turn, is purely a test of one's endurance. In fact, a simple net, embroidered with a few flowers and hung up, is a high-quality painting. hanging paintings.

Cross stitch partition decoration DIY

If you need a partition at home, a net can help you!
If the store needs decoration, it can also be used in this way

Home Cross Stitch DIY

The whole home is filled with cross stitch!
Small household items such as laundry baskets and trash cans can also be embellished with cross stitches.
The washing basket has become a storage basket

make a cross stitch lampshade Isn't cross stitch amazing? As long as there is a grid, it exists, such as mesh cloth, barbed wire, screen mesh, plastic mesh, etc., you can try it!


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