[VANACH Knowledge] After so many years of cross stitching, I didn't even know it could be done like this! (superior)

The use of cross stitch is mostly used in flat decorative paintings, large hanging paintings or pillows, and three-dimensional ones can be embroidered into small objects such as tissue boxes. Here, I want to introduce interesting cross stitch ideas to you, which will make you fall in love with its fun~

Cross Stitch Chair Makeover DIY VS Cross Stitch Outdoor Decor

Cross Stitch Chair Makeover DIY

There are always a few chairs in the house that have been used for a long time, and one piece is lost here and another, or there are so many rattan chairs and sofas that feel the condition or the style is outdated. You might as well use cross stitch to transform it. The large mesh holes will not be very laborious to embroider, and it does not take a long time to complete. This idea is not too beautiful!

If the design of the chair itself does not have mesh holes, you can buy a plastic mesh or rattan mesh, etc., and then install it after embroidering .

Buy a piece of mesh, embroider the cross-stitch picture, and then stick it on the old furniture for a perfect remodel!

Embroidery can be made of wool, hollow rope, nylon rope, etc. Different objects can be embroidered with different threads.
Let's see how the bench is embroidered. If the mesh on the chair is very fine, the embroidered pattern will be richer and more delicate. Advertisements

cross stitch outdoor decoration

When we go outdoors, we often see fences or walls with barbed wire. Use cross stitch to "make up" on them. You can enjoy a beautiful scenery wherever you go, and you can use some "embroidery threads" that are more wear-resistant. rope or thread, such as hemp rope, nylon rope or cloth strips, etc. Buy a piece of barbed wire and embroider the pattern to attach it to your door or wall to decorate your home.


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