【VANACH Information】Who said the elderly can't cross stitch?

Cross-stitch, which was once popular among young people, is now being extended to the elderly. Cross-stitch embroidery for the elderly is not just for entertainment. When the work takes shape, whether it is hung at home or given to future generations, for the elderly, his heart can be with the children forever. Let's take a look at the story about the old man and cross stitch. . .

In the past, people emphasized "ingenuity and ingenuity", stating that the more hands-on work, the better the brain can be achieved. Painting with a needle and thread, like painting with a pen, is one of the essentials for nurturing sentiment and nurturing aesthetic taste. More importantly, completing works and being praised by others can enhance the self-confidence of the elderly.

From the perspective of training hands and eyes, the elderly are encouraged to do cross stitch. Although the elderly may have problems such as cataracts and presbyopia, as long as they wear reading glasses that match the degree, they will not be hindered by too small stitches, or large patterns and colors. To control time.

In addition, it should be noted that most of the elderly have cervical spine problems, and they are most afraid of bowing their heads for too long, so they should take a rest within half an hour. However, if the elderly have cramped arteries, it is not advisable to bow their heads and embroider for a long time, so it is not suitable to do cross stitch.

A story about TA and cross stitch. . .

Story 1: The octogenarian does not like chess and cards but loves cross stitch

People say that embroidery is the patent of women, but Liu Zebin is 85 years old this year. He does not like chess and cards, but he loves cross stitch.

In the old man's living room, he was shocked by a large cross-stitch "Harmony and Wealth". It is hard to imagine that this lifelike painting came from such an old man wearing presbyopic glasses.

The 85-year-old Liu Zebin is a retired employee of the winery. He likes to drink a couple of sips on weekdays. He really has no special hobbies except for cross-stitching. Speaking of the experience of embroidering cross stitch, Liu Zebin said it was because his daughter was afraid that the old man would be bored, so she found something to do for the old man. Unexpectedly, he picked up the needle and started embroidering for 7 years.

"After retiring, I couldn't be idle at home and watched TV. Over time, I gradually got tired of such a boring life. Later, after embroidering cross stitches, I found it interesting. This "Harmony and Wealth" has been embroidered for 11 months. Well, in the past 7 years, I have embroidered a lot of works of various sizes." Liu Zebin said that many relatives and friends who came to the house as guests would leave when they saw which one was good.

With that, the old man took out the embroidered roses on his clothes and said that it was a wedding gift from his family. "The child is getting married, and there is no special gift other than a red envelope, just embroider a fiery red rose."


Story 2: The old man suffers from "autism" after losing his husband and gets out of the haze by doing cross stitch

64-year-old Zhao Guizhi sits on the sofa and embroiders carefully every day after tidying up his house. He draws the forms first, and does not let his embroidery needles go backwards, and every stitch is planned in advance. Due to the complexity of the pattern, more than 100 different colors of embroidery thread are needed, and only a piece the size of an egg can be embroidered for more than ten hours a day.

When she has time, she sits on the sofa and embroiders. She even wakes up at night to embroider. She embroiders about 300 stitches every day. In the end, it took 9 months and 15 days and a total of more than 90,000 stitches to complete this cross-stitch work "Rong Hua Fu Gui", which is 2 meters long and 1.5 meters wide. Seeing her work presented, Aunt Zhao felt very fulfilled. Many people at the scene were vying to buy this work. Some people asked for 40,000 yuan, but Aunt Zhao was unwilling to sell it.

Suffering from autism due to bereavement
No one could have imagined that the optimistic and cheerful Aunt Zhao had ever suffered from "autism". Four years ago, Aunt Zhao's wife left her due to illness. After suffering the pain of bereavement, she once suffered from "autism" and lost confidence in life. She did not go out of the door, and TV and radio became the protagonists of her life. "At that time, I couldn't even laugh when I watched the Spring Festival Gala, and it didn't make me happy." Aunt Zhao said that at that time, her mood was extremely low, and she often took anger at others.

The family watched anxiously. By chance, her granddaughter accompanied her shopping, and she continued to enlighten her on the way, "Grandma, look at how beautiful these cross stitches are, how good it would be if we could embroider by ourselves." This sentence suddenly woke the dreamer. , Aunt Zhao began to pick up embroidery needles and find happiness in the flying needles. She unconsciously forgot her sorrows and troubles, and gained her own little happiness and happiness in the colorful world embroidered by needle and thread.


Story 3: The 70-year-old old man "falls in love" with cross stitch and needs to embroider for 8 hours a day

It is said that cross-stitch embroidery is a leisure item for young ladies, but there is an old man in his 70s who loves cross-stitch and never stops embroidering. Her name is Zhu Yinying and she is 73 years old. He is a retired worker. He started cross-stitching 10 years ago. He needs to embroider for 8 hours a day. He has completed many large-scale cross-stitch drawings.

The largest piece of cross stitch in Zhu Yinying's family is "Qin, Chess, Calligraphy and Painting", which is four meters long and one meter seven wide. Zhu Yinying spent two years carefully embroidering.

Zhu Yinying said that she had learned weaving and embroidery in the countryside since she was a child. At that time, when the daughter got married, the son had to embroider shoes when he married his daughter-in-law. After so many years, the craftsmanship of the female worker has not been forgotten. Why do you still need to embroider cross stitch at such an old age? Zhu Yinying said, firstly, I want to leave a memory for my children, and secondly, I want to let myself learn and enjoy myself.

An embroidery needle, a few colored threads...
Embroidering cross stitch requires patience, care, and slow work. It is more difficult to outline a work after embroidering it, especially the hair, eyebrows and eyes. Sometimes a place needs to be medium gray, light gray, black, with several layers of hooks. On the surface, it looks like a needle is not focused, but it is not easy to dry.

Neighbors nearby went to Zhu Yinying's to appreciate her works, and they were full of praise for the old man's skills. Zhu Yinying said that this cross stitch is a combination of meditation, brain strengthening, intellectual enhancement, leisure and entertainment. As long as the eyes can see, she will continue to embroider.


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