【VANACH Festival Information】Dad's touching memories when he saw his baby for the first time

The birth of every little life, besides the mother who is pregnant in October, the most touching thing is the father who accompanies the mother to welcome the newborn baby! Father's Day, I wonder if dads saw the following photos, did they evoke touching memories when they saw the baby for the first time?

#1 When I see a baby for the first time, I can't help but kiss him.

#2 In front of the baby, no matter how tough the father is, he will be moved to tears.

#3 The baby can come to this world smoothly, and the most grateful thing is the wife's hard work.


#4 Remember to give mom a hug after your baby is born.

#5 Brothers and sisters in the family, must be looking forward to this new member

#6 From that day on, the wife and the baby will be the two most important people in Dad's life.


#7 Facing such a soft little life, Tie Han is also full of tenderness.

#8 Dad’s arms are always the warmest.

#9 The production process is always incredible.


#10 The twins came to this world in good health, and the parents must have been twice as touched.

#11 Seeing the baby for the first time, Dad is super happy!

#12 Seeing the exhausted appearance of my wife, as a father, I am really heartbroken and grateful.


#13 “Is this my baby?” Many dads have this excited and confused question when they see their baby for the first time

#14 Accompanying his wife into the delivery room may be the most unforgettable episode in many fathers' lives.

#15 Parents are always the ones who love their children the most, and their eyes are full of love.

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