【Vanach知识】跨境物流小知识 - 体积重量 Vs 实际重量

[Vanach knowledge] Small knowledge of cross-border logistics - volume weight Vs actual weight

Online shopping, 🤯I don’t understand, the difference between volume weight and actual weight❓
Let me explain to you all! 😎

As the name suggests👇
Actual weight refers to the weight of the package as measured by the electronic scale💫


Volume and weight are different

👉The volume weight is obtained by measuring the volume and then inserting the formula.
The specific algorithm is [ length * width * height / 6000 ]
For example, the size of the goods is 25CM x 25CM x 25CM/6000= 2.6KG ( volume weight )

In this way, does the calculation of the shipping cost depend on the actual weight or the volumetric weight?

The answer is: express companies compare actual weight and volume weight,
Use the heavier weight between the two as the billable weight to increase the shipping fee!


yes! But luckily Vanach offers free shipping !

Free throw 👉 That is, when the volume weight of the package is greater than the actual weight, the actual weight can also be charged.
Vanach's 100% Free Drop Air Shipping is included in this offer!

Therefore, these two channels are especially suitable for transporting bulky and light-weight commodities. 👍

After reading the introduction, do you understand better?

What about the difference between actual weight and dimensional weight?
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