【Vanach活动】双亲节绘画比赛 ——感恩有您

【Vanach Event】Parents' Day Drawing Contest - Thank You

On the road of growth in life, there is always someone behind us who silently supports us; there is always a kind of love that makes us cry. This person is our parents, and this love is parental love. On Parents' Day, the flowers are brilliant, sweet and melodious. In order to welcome Parents' Day, which is of great significance, Vanach's handicraft workshop held a Vanach painting competition to express its gratitude to parents.

Subject: Grateful to have you (I love you, Mom and Dad)

The idea behind: Contestants express their gratitude to their parents through drawing (graphics, composition, and other aesthetic methods).
Registration Date: 20/4-31/5/22
Popularity Award voting session: 3/6-10/6/22
Result announcement date: 12/6/22

Competition rules ❤️
1. Draw on A4 paper.

2. The work is in the genre of paint (allowing for a variety of mixed media paintings): crayon / watercolor / gouache / oil painting / acrylic.

Mixed media painting is a combination of different painting and drawing materials and methods, rather than just one medium. Any material can be used, including collage projects from magazines, newspapers, photos, fabrics, soil or packaging. For example: For example, in addition to coloring with watercolor paints in the drawing, the contestants can also fill in origami flowers and paste them on the paper, so that the whole work can show a three-dimensional and layered sense, which will add extra points to the judges (judging creativity). !

3. Before May 31, 2022, fill in the registration form and submit: http://sg.mikecrm.com/TjNHYAB , and of course submit two photos (one is the photo of the contestant holding the work, the other Zhang is a photo of the full work), if you have any questions, please contact Vanach customer service: m.me/vanachdiy

4. The competition is open to friends between the ages of 13 and 21, and current students are welcome to participate.

5. Drawing competition awards:
1st Prize : Finished Model Cabin (worth RM220) + RM50 Cash Voucher (only limited to handmade) + Dream Book "Study in the UK is Like This"
Runner-up: Sakura Villa Puzzle (worth RM196) + RM30 Cash Voucher (limited to handmade crafts only) + Dream Book "Study in the UK is Like This"
3rd Runner-up: Finished Chinchilla oil painting (worth RM178) + RM20 Cash Voucher (limited to handmade crafts only) + Dream Book "Study in the UK is Like This"
Popularity Award: Finished lotus painting with nine fish and diamond painting (worth RM444) (50cmX100cm)

5 or 7 consolation prizes
"Study in the UK is like this" a dream book + a winding drawing material package

6. There will be a Popularity Award for this contest 🏆 There will be likes and votes on the Vanach Facebook Pages, and the one with the most likes and votes will receive the Popularity Award. (Must like the Vanach homepage and works)

⚠️⚠️Popularity Award voting session: 3/6-10/6/2022

Warm reminder ❤️
✔️Grades will be selected by the judges. No doubts will be accepted after the results are announced.
✔️ The organizer reserves the right to change any terms and conditions and awards.
✔️ Entries that have participated in competitions of other groups will not be accepted, and the qualifications will be deleted if found.
💥Competition results will be announced on the Vanach homepage on 12/06/2022💥

Judges and Sponsors:
7th Tone Creative (Jury teacher: Eason Lai)
Niuniu's gallery (Judging teacher: Vivian Ng)

If you have any questions, please contact vanach customer service: m.me/vanachdiy

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