【VANACH公告】 Agreement of Consignment 商品寄售

【VANACH Announcement】 Agreement of Consignment

Too many handmade products on hand? If you want to find someone who is destined to receive it, and you also have extra income, you might as well entrust Vananch to consign it!

The condition is that the hand work must be handmade! ! !

The condition is that the hand work must be handmade! ! !

The supply and sales channels (consignment service) provided by Vanach here are subject to the conditions stipulated in the consignment agreement!

First understand the concept of consignment

Consignment is a transaction method that is different from the usual agency sales. It means that the consignor (the consignor or the owner) first transports the goods to be sold to the foreign/regional consignment place, and entrusts the local consignor (agent) to replace the consignor in the local market according to the conditions stipulated in the consignment agreement. on sale.

However, in VANACH consignment, you do not need to send the goods in advance, you only need to provide clear and complete photos of the goods (about 4-5 photos). The product is packaged and sent to the buyer.

After the goods are sold, the agent settles the payment for the goods with the consignor in the manner stipulated in the agreement.

About consignment agreement

Consignment agreement (Agreement of Consignment) is an agreement signed by the principal and the agent to clarify the rights, obligations and conditions of consignment of both parties.

Consignment Agreement Template

Any consignment of goods in VANACH must provide the following information and sign an agreement before the consignment agreement can take effect.

① List the [name] and [material] of the finished product
② List the [size] of the finished product
③ Provide 4 to 5 complete photos of the finished product (must be clear)
④ List the selling price
⑤ Provide: name, region, mobile phone number, Email (to facilitate background recording operations)
⑥ Pay the agreement money and submit the transfer certificate (transfer date, time, amount)

~ The finished product does not need to be sent to our store in advance, and the consignor is responsible for keeping it. Before the sale, photos must be provided to our store for review.
~ Vanach is responsible for editing the finished photos and materials and uploading them to the online store. (Including: Facebook, Instagram, SHOPEE, LAZADA, Google Store, and our exclusive website vanachdiy.com )
~ After the finished product is sold, VANACH GLOBAL ART will collect the full payment from the buyer and notify the consignor of the buyer's delivery address for delivery.
~ VANACH is responsible for domestic transportation; cross-border (international) logistics is the responsibility of the consignor.
~ The "selling price" of the finished product is determined by the seller, and the VANACH store will add an additional 20 to 30% as a transaction fee when listing the price.

Consignment Statement

💢Vanach Sales Policy💢
Does not mean ❌There are already customers ready to buy your finished product does not mean ❌Selling the finished product to the Vanach platform does not mean ❌The delivery fee is borne by Vanach

  • We assist consignors to upload finished product information to major online mall channels to maximize product exposure.
  • Attract more target audience to increase the likelihood of closing.
  • The consignment of finished products does not represent Vanach's ownership and may be withdrawn by the consignor at any time, but the agreement cannot be refunded.
  • In addition to the company's promotion procedures, the market value and demand of the finished product are also important factors in determining the transaction.


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