【VANACH公告】VANACH 2022  正式推行“联盟+多层次”营销方案

【VANACH Announcement】VANACH 2022 officially launched the "Alliance + Multi-level" marketing plan

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing refers to earning commissions by promoting the products or services of retailers or advertisers. This is a monetization model where the affiliate partner, aka you, is rewarded for delivering specific results to retailers or advertisers. Often, the result is a sale. But some programs may reward you for leads, free trial users, website hits, or app downloads.

VANACH GLOBAL ART will officially open the affiliate marketing system from April 5, 2022. Click on the [ Affiliate Program ] in the directory column on the home page to join our alliance together!

Our initial benefits:

  • Get 10% commission on total sales per referral order!
  • Alliance partners and consumers each get a 10% coupon for VANACH merchandise!
  • Cookie access is valid for up to 90 days.
  • Have an exclusive affiliate mall website.
  • For each member you recommend to join the alliance, you can get MYR1.00 commission reward.
  • There is no need to face sales, stockpiling, logistics, etc., just recommend your favorite products to more people.
  • Sign up for free in 5 minutes to become our affiliate partner.

【registration process】

Click " Affiliate Program " in our VANACH GLOBAL ART : https://vanachdiy.com mall directory bar.

Scroll to the bottom and click [Become an Affiliate Now]

Fill in the information

After registration, you can log in to the affiliate background : https://vanachdiy.bixgrow.com/login

Affiliate background interface, you can track your commission and performance, and offline records. Each affiliate partner comes with two exclusive links:

  • One is that the mall website link is convenient for consumers to place orders for shopping,
  • The other is the affiliate registration link, which is convenient for recruiting your lower-level members.

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