【VANACH News】The secret of love heating up! Boys must learn "love preservation method"

When two people are together for a long time, their relationship will fade, but as long as both parties are maintaining their hearts, this will not happen! If you want to talk about a love that does not break up, this is not a one-sided effort, but a two-way effort! Here we share the love preservation methods that boys must learn. The feelings that you take care of with your heart will definitely get sweet and good results~

5 "love preservation methods" that boys must learn

1. Pay attention to her dynamic

After a lot of boys chase their girlfriends, they won't pay attention to the other party's news! You must know that girls often send some small updates to let the other party see them in order to imply their other half! So pay more attention to the other half of the news, you can understand her thoughts, what to eat or where to go on a date~ You can also save your homework when you go out on a date in the future!


2. Pay attention to small details

Taking the other person's casual words to heart will really make her feel very surprised and moved! So you can usually pay more attention to the small details of the other party. For example, she mentioned something she liked very much, and said that she remembered everything she wanted to do, and she will definitely move the other party to complete it with her in the future!

3. Give her enough security

Many girls feel insecure in a relationship, so giving each other a full sense of security will definitely make the relationship more stable! For example, the easiest way is to simply report to the other party, and to know how to keep a distance from the opposite sex.


4, the sense of ceremony can not be less

The little surprises in life really make each other happy! The sense of ritual is not necessarily to prepare expensive and luxurious gifts, the most important thing must be your own mind! It can be preparing a meal, buying a bouquet of flowers, and practical gifts. Preparing for small surprises will also make the other half feel valued and make life more ceremonial~


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5. Take care of her feelings

When quarreling or having a dispute, she is not cold and violent. You must know how to understand her thoughts first. Don't ignore her when you take her to meet your friends, pay attention to her feeling strange or embarrassed afterwards, and take care of the other person's feelings.


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