【VANACH Information】10 Most Popular Handmade Gifts for Girls

The most thoughtful gifts are the most thoughtful, and the handmade gifts are more intentional. Now, let's take stock of the 10 most popular handmade gifts for girls. As long as you put in a little effort and a little thought, you will be able to make a gift that will move girls, and there are also customized handmade products.

Vanach recommends 10 gifts as a reference, custom-made handmade products, and a unique and touching gift. If you have trouble choosing gifts, be sure to read on.

NO.1 Creative Lattice Photo Puzzle

This is not a simple puzzle, but a big picture composed of many small photos. There are pictures in the pictures, there are pictures in the pictures, and there are surprises in the creativity. Time is not old and we are not separated. The beautiful moments of our youth are turned into frozen photos, and now they are turned into puzzles. happiness now. If you want to impress girls with this gift, don't be too troublesome and try to spell it out slowly.

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NO.2 LOVE Cut Wooden Puzzle Framed Gift Box

Spell out your love, this is a puzzle with Love cutting, there are 520 pieces, which means I love you, and there are 1314 pieces, which represent a lifetime. Showing your sincerity to him is a precious gift to each other. The scattered puzzles are reassembled, enjoy the fun of the puzzles, and put them in the photo frame, which is a gift of exquisite personality.

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NO.3 Creative photo pushpin painting

Thumbtack painting, this is a gift that requires a lot of thought, because this painting is not drawn or printed, but a portrait that will only be displayed when one pushpin is inserted into it, as long as you provide a girl's Photos can be customized. According to the photos, thousands of pushpins are used to form precious photos, which are practical, creative and surprising. Customize a love and blessing for your favorite TA to be saved forever.

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NO.4 digital oil painting with frame

To paint an oil painting for your girlfriend, you can just paint it according to the color number. It is exactly the same as the photo. The canvas has clear line drafts, environmentally friendly paints, and strong coverage and coloring can complete a painting. Friends who don’t know how to paint, You can also be a painter! The girlfriend must be very moved to receive such a gift. This is the latest generation of digital oil painting with an outer frame, so you don't have to bother to find a frame after painting.

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To map customization, finished product production

NO.5 Solid color sand painting commemorative gift

This is a painting made of sand. When the sand is glowing, the effect of the painting is similar to that of a watercolor painting. The sand texture is strong and the color is refreshing. When it is not glowing, the effect of the painting is as thick as an oil painting, and the color is bright, giving it a special commemorative meaning for birthdays. Customize a solid-color sand painting (package frame) with your photos for an unforgettable gift to your beloved.

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NO.6 Lady's real-life soft pottery doll

When it comes to handmade gifts, this lady's real clay doll is definitely one of the top three existences. As long as you provide a photo of a girl, you can make this lifelike real-life doll. The vivid expression and the cute cartoon figure definitely make girls feel a big surprise.

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NO.7 High heels jewelry tissue box

A jewelry tissue box for high-heeled shoes with noble style and craftsmanship, with a dignified shape and high-heeled shoes on the top, you can place rings, earrings, sample hairpins, etc. in an orderly manner. Wife and girlfriend are impeccable. Put everything you like in it, it's definitely worth having.

NO.8 Hand-painted portraits

Have you ever neglected the person you love the most because you are busy? This year, it's better to send TA a pure hand-painted portrait to record your happiest smile in the most unique way. Let your other half know that no matter how busy you are, you still care about him and love him. Hang it at home, let TA see your gratitude and care for TA every day, TA may even show it off to relatives and friends!

NO.9 Creative star photo color changing cup

The color-changing cup is also called the magic cup. It can be customized with text and photos. After pouring boiling water, the photos can slowly appear. It is a very creative gift.

NO.10 Round/Frontal or Single/Double Pillow

Come and customize warm and sweet family photos, vacation photos, wedding photos or pet pillows, and feel that happiness with you. Life has you (pillow), light up a lifetime of happiness. Customize a pillow for your loved one in the living room, bedroom or office, there are square pillows and round pillows, single-sided or double-sided, high-resilience PP cotton, suitable for lying down, nap cushion, or nap Office pillow, car lumbar cushion.

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