[VANACH Information] Cute and cute tigers that will be popular in 2022

From ancient times to the present, tigers have a fierce aura and are easy to hurt people, so they have been avoided in indoor feng shui, and it is advisable to be cautious. However, the cute looks and chubby figure of several cute tigers that are popular this year bring joy and happiness to the Year of the Tiger, and also attract friends who love handcrafts to follow. . .

Today, I will introduce several 'Menghu' hand-made works

Tigers are ferocious beasts after all, and ordinary families can't control the suffocating qi of tigers. However, here are a few cute cute tigers. The rounded appearance is less fierce. It is suitable for decoration at home. When decorating at home, you can hang this type of tiger picture in the living room. Drive away all the filth, and at the same time bring a happy atmosphere to the home, warm and happy.

Recommended for hanging tiger paintings in living room and dining room

The design of this is that the tiger wears a wake-up hat and a costume that is blessed with slowness. The cute and cute tiger means good, and the king's style!

{Cross Stitch} VANACH DIY Year of the Tiger Wake Lion Material Pack Festive Festive Do-it-yourself Embroidery

In addition, the tiger is widely worshipped among Chinese people as the patron saint of warding off evil spirits and a holy beast that inspires the spirit. The designer took the essence of the folk New Year pictures, and the implication that it can drive away evil spirits and bring peace and good luck. This powerful and playful sachet pendant is hand-embroidered and full of heart.

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