【VANACH Information】Why do the mirrors have to be covered with red cloth and sticked with 囍 characters?

I believe that many people have this question, because mirrors are used every day, but they are covered with red cloth, which makes life a little inconvenient. There are many different opinions about this custom among the people.

It is said that four months before the wedding, there will be a bride god beside the bride, so when the bride looks in the mirror, she will see two brides, which means that there may be a third party involved in this marriage.

There is a saying that the "mirror" is a medium that communicates with the underworld and the spiritual world. If the mirror is not covered, the bride will lose her yang energy, so the bride will not be easy to conceive, or even if she is pregnant, she will be prone to miscarriage.

The third argument is that if the bride uses the dressing table to look in the mirror, the bride god will be trapped in the mirror and cannot leave, and then the bride will have a child and "raise it"!

Four months of the wedding, the bride is surrounded by the bride god, and the bride god’s magnetic field is strong, so if the bride looks in the mirror, the mirror surface will crack, and it will become a “broken mirror”. The taboo "bad omen for marriage".


The above four explanations are the reasons why the mirror in the new house should be covered with red cloth. Covering the mirror with red cloth and sticking it with the 囍 character will make it even more complete. In addition, the red cloth can also be replaced by sticking red paper.


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