【Vanach新品】仿古灯笼——私人订制 (Customize Services),在这里找到啦!!

[Vanach New Product] Antique Lanterns - Customize Services, found here! !

One word, one light, one ingenuity ❤
Craftsman's Perseverance

Chinese lanterns, also known as lanterns, are an ancient traditional handicraft of the Han nationality. They originated in the Western Han Dynasty more than 2,100 years ago. Every year before and after the Lantern Festival on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, people hang red lanterns that symbolize reunion. A festive atmosphere.

New Chinese style ancient rhyme ------ a hundred years of inheritance light and shadow accompany

Suitable for: tea house, restaurant, aisle, study, balcony, restaurant, etc.

Material: wrought iron, imitation sheepskin

Choice of lantern styles

Cracked models , full red, auspicious clouds

Off-white, yellow, lower mouth, orange, all kinds of logos can be printed on the lantern

☞Click here: Antique lantern custom-made lantern decoration special-shaped rectangle

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