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Jigsaw puzzles began in England in the eighteenth century and became widely popular in Europe. Two hundred years later, puzzles have become a worldwide game product for all ages. Experts' research found that jigsaw puzzles can effectively inspire people's thinking, train thinking, judgment and patience. It can beautify the home and enhance the taste of life. Because it can relax the nerves of the participants, jigsaw puzzles are also regarded as classic casual games and are loved by consumers.

one-sided puzzle

The pictures of the puzzles are mostly based on natural scenery, buildings and some familiar patterns. Castles and mountains are two traditional themes, but any drawings and images can be used as a puzzle material

double sided puzzle

There are other types of puzzles that have patterns printed on both sides of the pieces. Players can make groups according to the pattern on any side. At the same time, the difficulty of the game is also increased, because it is difficult for players to determine which side is the piece in the hand. right side.


Jigsaw puzzle

1. Prepare a piece of thick cardboard that is slightly larger than the completed size of the puzzle (for example: large posters, yoga mats, etc., do not use newspapers), and put it on the bottom before the puzzle is assembled, so that it can be moved and collected during the assembly process, and prevent the puzzle Scattered and lost.

2. For most jigsaw puzzles, the more traditional method is 'break the whole into pieces and break them down'.

3. Unpack the puzzle, first roughly sort the pieces of the same color with reference to the picture, and at the same time pick out the pieces with straight lines, and first put together the four sides of the picture. Gradually move to the middle of the picture, giving priority to splicing patterns, local patterns with sharply contrasting colors, and then the same color area, and finally assembling the remaining scattered pieces of the puzzle.

4. When splicing and assembling, if the pieces of the puzzle cannot be tightly matched, or the color tone is different (Boqi needs to pay more attention when dealing with pictures of the same color), do not force the combination, and spend some time to find the correct fit. Piece.

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