【VANACH活动&嘉宾介绍】Usshan Chia 心学堂創辦人

【VANACH Activities & Guest Introduction】Usshan Chia, Founder of Heart School

Record of activities organized by Vanach and Teacher Usshan

6/7/2021 - Turning clutter into "gold"?

24/7/2021 - Make good use of money and get richer

31/7/2021 - Did you know? "Emotions" about money can affect your money luck! Exchange

7/8/2021 - Fortune. Mind Exchange Meeting

Faculty Profile

Founder of THE FOUNDER, Usshan Heart School
Teacher Usshan is the head of the Xinxue School and is also a simple method. The initiator of the living method!
It is a practitioner of renunciation and minimalist life !
Teacher Usshan, the former "she" has experienced the miserable life, but now she lives a light and rich life.
Mr. Usshan has served as a life mentor for many companies in Singapore and Malaysia, a columnist for Nanyang Siang Pau, Creative World, and Global Outstanding Enterprise Magazine, an interviewer for NTV7 TV, China Press and New Straits Times, 23 Dedicated to life education in 2010, students come from more than 13 countries. Tutoring for at least 9000 hours. The cumulative number of coaching sessions has exceeded 1,350, and he has given campus lectures in more than 20 schools within a year. He is a veritable international practical psychological therapist.

🎬Multiple majors and slash life:
🔎Satya Family System Healer 🔎HRDF National Human Resource Development Certified Instructor 🔎Talent Capital Mentor 🔎Talent Cultivation Expert life advocate

【Usshan Vivian Chia】Introduction

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