【Founder of VANACH】Khim Kejian~Internet Marketing Teacher, Stepping into the Field of Handmade

Founder of Vanach: Khim Zheng Qijian - Resume

2015 HNT-NETWORK Home Network Chuangyi College - Founder
2015-2017 Internet Marketing Strategy Coach
Initiator of World Micro Powder Day Malaysia 2016
2016-2017 Director of MEA Malaysia Electronic Commerce Association
2017-2019 Secretary General of JeCa Johor E-Commerce Association
2017 Huahua Foundation Gold Champion Team Member
2017-2019 Huaying Foundation Enterprise Coach
2019 Vanach Workshop - Founder
2019 HNT Integrity Online Handmade Production Platform - Founder

Khim Qijian is an online marketing strategy trainer, who has practiced and operated related online marketing skills for many years in the Internet interactive environment. Because of the passion and preference for handmade. In 2019, the online handmade and sales field was officially launched through the Internet.

Unfortunately, when the Vanach workshop was founded, it happened to encounter the outbreak of the global new crown pneumonia epidemic. Therefore, in difficult times, with the encouragement and full support of his wife Lisa Siew, we persevered through this MCO period until today.

We are committed to "fighting the epidemic; making handicrafts at home from the epidemic", jointly opening up a handicraft market for online collaboration, mainly gathering handicraft enthusiasts from all over the world to share, communicate, make, sell and other businesses.

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Messenger: m.me/vanachdiy
Telegram: t.me/vanachdiy
Whatsapp: wa.me/vanachdiy

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