【VANACH活动】M.C. Karen FB直播节目:疫起在家做手工

【VANACH Event】MC Karen FB Live Program: Crafting at Home from the Epidemic

on friday november 5th
The founders of Vanach Handmade Workshop, Khim Chiang & Lisa Siew. I invite you to do handicraft at home from the epidemic🎁Christmas is coming🌲Learn to make a memorable gift with your own hands and give it to the people you care about and you love🎁

Date: 5-11-2021
Time: 8.30pm

Karen Peizle chats about FB live broadcast, please come to Vanach Fannaki Handmade Workshop, an online handmade shop, providing handmade materials, private photo customization, and consignment of handmade works. Preserve good memories through hand-made delivery, and customize your own artwork.

Karen Peci Le chat:

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