[VANACH Knowledge] Uncover the secret DIY miniature model cottage, the unknown production process...

DIY model house is a kind of miniature model, which requires a lot of patience and care to complete! For obsessive-compulsive disorder, I want every detail to be exquisite: the boards should be aligned, the paper mold should be neat... As an amateur, in addition to the scissors and glue, I also searched for more handmade DIY tools. !

Show off these handmade artifacts today! Let the obsessive-compulsive, perfectionist make exquisite miniatures better.
Detailed explanation of the DIY model cabin [miniature model] production tools and usage-VANACH 1

If there are children involved, it is recommended to only use the simple tools configured in the material package, because the following introduction includes sharp blades!


①Tweezers are used instead of fingers! Different styles are more flexible

The characteristic of DIY model house or miniature model is that the objects are very small, especially some paper molds and parts may not be 1cm long and wide.

If you just use your hands, the finger area is too large to care about the details, and sometimes you get glue, so it is very important to make full use of different styles of tweezers! Generally, the merchants are equipped with the ④ model in the picture below, which means that the elbow is relatively flat, and it can also be used with other models. Detailed explanation to reveal the secrets of DIY model cabin [miniature model] production tools and usage-VANACH 2

A) Sharp and flat refers to its top. Flat means that it has a certain flat surface and will not be very sharp. Pointed means that the top is sharp, and if you are not careful, you may poke the skin.
B) ③ and ⑤ are only different in thickness at the top. ⑤ is included in the nail clipper set I bought, haha.
C) Number ① is the most commonly used, and generally has three purposes:
  • 1> It is more convenient to stack paper. Many paper molds have crease lines on them, but because they're so small, they'll be rough just by hand. At this time, gently scrape the crease with ①, and then clamp it with tweezers to fold it, which is much more convenient. You can also scrape it when you fold the inner pages of the book, which will fold more neatly and quickly. But be careful not to cut the paper too hard (this is why you can't use No. 2, the head will be cut if it is too sharp)
    Detailed explanation to reveal the secrets of DIY model cabin [miniature model] making tools and using methods-VANACH
    2> Good for pasting details. After the paper mold below is glued, it needs to be pressed to make it stick better, but the fingers are so thick that they must not be able to go in. At this time, it is very convenient to use tweezers.
    Detailed Explanation and Secrets of DIY Model Cabin [Miniature Model] Making Tools and How to Use-VANACH 4
    3> Adjust local details. Someone asked me before why the four corners of the pillow are so beautiful, because after I turned it over and stuffed the cotton, I would poke it in with ① to tidy up the four corners.
    Detailed Explanation and Secrets of DIY Model Cabin [Miniature Model] Making Tools and How to Use-VANACH 5
    4> ③, ⑤ As for the pointed ones, it is more convenient to take and place some very fine parts. For example, some small beads are not easy to clip, just poke them in with the pointed tip, and you are done!
    5> As for straight or curved, it is actually easier to use. In fact, it depends on your personal habits. For example, for some angles, it may be easier to use an elbow, but it is not absolute~

② Use the glue well and save half the effort!

Glue is the second most important tool after tweezers! Whether it is quick-drying and inconvenient to adjust will affect work efficiency. Generally, two main types are used: white latex and alcohol glue. Detailed Explanation and Secrets of DIY Model Cabin [Miniature Model] Making Tools and How to Use-VANACH 6

A) White latex: stick to wood, paper, cloth.
Generally, the white latex sent by the merchants is slow to dry, and the splicing between the woods is not easy to use, and it takes a long time. But the price is not expensive and the quantity is enough, so it is recommended to use this when you need to stick paper and cloth on the wooden board (especially when you paste wallpaper casually), or when you paste paper and paper.

In addition, it is recommended to start with a white latex from Japan: Konishi manual quick-drying white latex, which is the white and cyan bottle in the picture below. Remember, when you buy it, be sure to check whether there is the word "quick-drying" on it, because some of the small westerns are not quick-drying.
So what are the advantages of these two Xiaoxi white latex compared to ordinary ones? Of course it's quick-drying! Sticking wood is very convenient, you don't have to wait until your hair is white...
Green bottles are more sticky than white bottles. Some metals and plastics need to stick to wood. You can also consider using green bottles. In particular, it is recommended to use the green bottle sticky dust cover! In the past, I used alcohol glue or U glue to stick the dust cover, and a lot of wire drawing was attached to it, and it could not be cleaned. With white latex, you can wipe off the excess part with a wet towel, and it will be much cleaner!

In the end, I suggest that you should just buy the green bottle. At first, I bought both of them because I didn’t use them. It costs 29 yuan for 50g. With ordinary white latex, I can still make a medium-sized house with less use.

B) Alcohol glue: it can stick to anything, I mainly use it to stick plastic and metal.
Alcohol glue or UHU glue is omnipotent, and everything is fine, but the most annoying thing is wire drawing, and sticky transparent plastic sheets or acrylic wire drawing will float around and cannot be cleaned.

I saw someone share a needle before, but I can only squeeze a little bit each time, and it is troublesome to encounter some larger areas. After searching for a long time, I found that dispensing needles of different diameters can satisfy! But also buy a plastic bottle that can be fitted with a dispensing needle - you can search for "plastic squeeze mud bottle" on Taobao

There are different sizes of dispensing needles. After testing, the outer diameter of 1.6mm (transparent white) and the outer diameter of 1.2mm (transparent pink) are more convenient to extrude, and then they can be freely switched according to the size of the parts. There are 100 needles in a pack. If the needles are plugged, you can change them directly without heartache! Ha ha.
However, I also bought a needle with a long pointed mouth (green 0.8mm), because sometimes I often forget to cover the cover during use, and when it is a little blocked, I use a long needle to poke it to clean it up~ But if you can, Just remember to cover it up at all times! Because alcohol glue is also quick-drying~

③ A good helper for paper and cloth cutting!

Detailed explanation to reveal the secrets of DIY model cabin [miniature model] production tools and usage-VANACH 7
In addition to the conventional scissors, I also bought the pointed ones, which is the second one in the picture above, because the corners of many paper molds are not easy to handle with ordinary scissors, and they are not neat enough when folded. Use sharp-tipped scissors to cut the small corners completely.
Detailed Explanation and Secrets of DIY Model Cabin [Miniature Model] Making Tools and How to Use-VANACH 8

The utility knife is used to cut relatively large paper, and it is recommended to use a steel ruler, so that it can be drawn more closely. The yellow one is a hob, which is mainly used for cutting fabrics, but it's a bit tasteless to use. You can buy it or not. It's enough to use scissors and a utility knife.


④ If there is copper wire/iron wire, remember to prepare pliers

Like Zhiquwu, if there are many works that use copper wire and iron wire winding, then buying pliers can save effort.

A) ①, ②, ③ are used for modeling, I bought the five-inch toothless (①, ②, ③). Don't buy teeth with teeth, it will make the copper wire uneven or even too thin and it will break. ①, ③ are copper wires used to make right angles, and ② are conical ones that can be used to wrap around some circles.
B) Diagonal pliers are used to cut, and nylon pliers are used to straighten copper wires. When the material package was delivered, the copper wires were all twisted and twisted. With this nylon pliers RUA, the copper wires can be straightened once, so that the wound works will look much better.
Detailed Explanation and Secrets of DIY Model Cabin [Miniature Model] Making Tools and How to Use-VANACH 9

⑤ Keep up with other gadgets too!

A) The backing plate is best to go with! It is the green board below the most useful family portrait, which can avoid scratching the table. Now there are many colors, not necessarily only the original (ugly) green~

B) Wet wipes/paper towels are convenient to wipe off excess glue at any time...Although I love to do handicrafts, I am always afraid that the glue will get on my hands, and I accidentally forgot to rub my eyes or something... Haha.

C) Cotton swabs/toothpicks are used to assist sticking, some places are really too small, these two can be used to smooth the glue better.

D) The hang tag card paper for buying clothes can be collected. When applying wallpaper on a large area, you can use it to scrape the white latex evenly to avoid bubbling or unevenness causing potholes!



Every time you try a new craft, you will research the tools first, but it doesn't mean you have to buy everything! With the superb skills, it may only be equipped with some key tools, many of which are bought for testing!

The purchased material package is equipped with basic tools, and may also be equipped with more advanced tools such as chainsaws, drilling, etc. than those truly original masters.

With more tools, I also hope to do it more finely. The process seems a bit painful, but every time I make a finished product, I am very satisfied. This means that the happiness of creation is greater than pure consumption!


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