【VANACH活动嘉宾介绍】My Boss Design创办人&融客轩发起人Patric Chang

【Introduction to VANACH Guests】Patric Chang, Founder of My Boss Design & Founder of Rongkexuan

Vanach is honored to invite Patric Chang , founder of My Boss Design , to be one of the judges for Vanach's "Creative Lantern Making Competition" in 2021.

Rongkexuan founder Chen Junguang team
Founder of My Boss Design (Patric Chang)

😍Rongkexuan founder Chen Junguang team, My Boss Design founder (Patric Chang)
The team of Rongkexuan founder Chen Junguang, the founder of My Boss Design, is a combination of avant-garde thinking and love of fashion and culture and art. The team is good at combining culture, art and fashion with bold and innovative concepts.

Among them, the customized clothes "Teppanyaki clothes" and "cultural shirts" are the most popular. The origin of "teppanyaki clothing" comes from the accent of "teppanyaki fish", hence the name. Customers can choose their favorite patterns to print on their favorite color clothes. "Cultural shirt" is a fusion of culture, art and fashion. In Rongkexuan, we can print the art of painting or calligraphy on clothes and cups to make a commemorative collection.

culture and art <<Insist>>

There is hope and motivation to persevere.
Live with hope, and this kind of life is more valuable.

Once hope is lost, life will no longer have the motivation to struggle, waiting for them only to live passively.

Young people, the future belongs to you, you must have full confidence in life, believe in yourself, strive for the ideal in your heart, and never give up hope.

Friends drinking tea? Old place, the tea is very strong today. . .

Yan Tianlu increases mutual affinity - calligraphy and painting promote friendly exchanges between Malaysia and China

Zhong Zhengchuan (from the third from the left) presents the calligraphy to Yan Tianlu, from the left are Ding Weiqiang and Zhang Shuyi, and from the right are Song Dexiang and Chen Junguang

(Melaka, 17th) The special envoy of the Jiazhou government to China, Datuk Wila Yan Tianlu, said that calligraphy and painting not only help enhance the cultural atmosphere of the old district of Jiazhou, but also serve as a carrier for promoting friendly exchanges between the people of Malaysia and China, enhancing the two places. The affinity and intimacy of tourists to each other.

He pointed out that the COVID-19 epidemic is raging around the world, making it difficult for foreign tourists to enter the country, and hitting the tourism sector in Koshu.

He said that the art studio of international ink painting master Zhong Zhengchuan from Malaysia and Zhang Shuyi, a famous Chinese painting and calligraphy artist, settled in Rongkexuan on Jonker Street, which facilitated the joint cooperation between the three parties. The "One Belt, One Road, Culture First" policy has become another cultural testament to the friendly exchanges between the people of Malaysia and China.

Yan Tianlu said this when he attended the press conference on the establishment and establishment of Rongkexuan of the art studio of international ink painting master Zhong Zhengchuan in Malaysia and Zhang Shuyi, a famous Chinese painting and calligraphy master.

In addition, he also hoped that with the establishment of Rongkexuan, two calligraphers and painters from Malaysia and China, and under the background of the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road initiative, the Malaysia-China friendship will be "freehand" from the government level and between enterprises. The situation of cooperation extends to the level of meticulous and meticulous non-governmental exchanges, and at the same time, the "Silk Road Spirit" can be brought into full play, so as to promote mutual understanding between the people of the two places, so as to play the role of boosting economic cooperation.

Those present included Chung Zhengchuan, President of the Malaysian Ink Painting Association, Song Dexiang, President of the Malacca Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Zhang Shuyi, President of Qingyuan Academy, Chen Junguang, the founder of Rongkexuan, and Ding Weiqiang, Director of the Melaka Fuzhang Sculpture Art Museum.

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